I shall cut his heart out

I am no longer ashamed that my passion had no bounds for you, for I have done more than all this.
I have hated myself that I might love you;
I came hither to ruin myself in a perpetual imprisonment that I might make you live quietly and at ease.
Nothing but virtue, joined to a love perfectly disengaged from the senses, could have produced such effects. x

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Via the borgias ITALIA
"There are so many emotions involved in that sexual act (…) There’s a lot more involved and it’s a lot of mixed emotions. When it happens there’s pain, there’s relief, there’s the feeling that it was inevitable. There’s also fear for the future and it all happens at once. And that’s what love can be."
François Arnaud talks sibling love in ‘The Borgias’ (x)

Via Blessed be François Arnaud